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The most common and used plastic injection molding materials and their characteristics:

in the chart below we  show injection molding materials with their specific use properties such as toughness, flexibility, hardness, fragility.
 Plastic properties
  • ABS is a hard, tough platsic, with  beautiful appearance, and besides it is easy to glue ( see also
  • POM good spring properties, good sliding properties
  • PolyProp tough, chemically resistant, cheap , cant  be glued, bendable
  • Polystyrene hard, brittle, good dimensional stability, possibly bright is cheap
  • Extinguishing polycarbonate, clear, scratch resistant, very tough, expensive
  • PA 30% GF hard, very stiff, durable, moisture absorption is important because of toughness 
  • TPE is like a natural rubber feels rubbery and is available  in different hardness-es
  • WPC substitute of wood, cheap, tough
Tips of injection molding
The above-mentioned plastic materials are typically sold on plastic markets as granules. The granulate melted by heating (heating) and under high pressure by means of a specially designed injection mold or pressed.
In injection molding ( like what we, tripe-c , china injection molding company, does in china) , it is imperative that the basic elements (granules) 100% homogeneous melt has. Doing so is usually dye / masterbatch and other additives added. It is important that the correct amount is being used, which is added evenly during the injection molding process. In addition, the right working temperature is of great importance because the temperature profile of the material is an important aspect. In the injection molding, the maximum available injection pressure is to be used for the specific properties of the raw materials used.
Want to know more about the properties and applications of the plastics mentioned, let yourself be well informed by one or more plastic injection molding foundries.

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