thermoplastics in packaging, what are thermoplastics?


The raw material for plastics is petroleum. It is made in a refinery, including naphtha , which is then converted into monomers. Into a cracker Monomers are molecules formed into long chains that allow themselves to each basting : the polymers. For example, polyethylene is one of ethylene , and styrene may be polymerized to polystyrene . Each polymer has its own characteristics .

When designing a package is the choice of materials great . Our company can assist you in designing and tooling for plastics parts. ( see here) Depending on the specific demands placed on the packaging , is the most suitable plastic used . The properties of these plastics may be adjusted. By means of additives In the list below, the additives listed in brackets added . To the plastic material for a specific purpose

It is also possible to different plastics , or combinations with other materials , to adhere in layers on one another so-called laminates , whereby the properties of the various types of plastics and other materials or be combined:

type kunststof
Used in bottles for carbonated soft drinks and mineral waters; alcoholic beverages, beer; bottles for detergents and liquid pharmaceutical products; blisters and tubes; packaging for ready-prepared meals for microwave
  • very bright
    high water vapor and gas barrier
    very high impact resistance
    high temperature resistance

thick-walled rigid applications such as bottles / vials, drums / cans, crates and containers; foil bagging; packaging for carpets and instruments
    relatively  high stiffness , high crystalline (less bright),high-temperature resistance

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