mold maker in china

china mold maker 

The design of injection molds is a profession for dedicated team.

Injection Molds can be very expensive to manufacture , of course depending on the complexity , but by producing a large number of products, the unit price can stay low and the product is economically interesting. The size of the mold is determined by the shape and dimensions of the product. In addition, tolerances, the intended quantity / mass or small series, the capacity and size of the available injection molding machine that need to be used for the new mould.

The design of injection molds is a specialized skill. Jointquality a china mold maker is such a specialist  In the design of the molds or dies, we takes into account the shape of the product and with the properties of the plastic to be used. In particular, to shrink phenomena and linked to counteract deformations. Furthermore, it should be taken into account with the properties and size of the injection molding machine and the requirements in order to meet the planned production capacity. Since about half of the cycle consists of cooling the plastic, the most attention has been paid to this. The design of injection molds is therefore a process where quality, speed and cost are the most important parameters.  

The die makers within our clients have the right knowledge, tools and techniques to build high-quality molds. They are represented worldwide, including the Netherlands, Lithuania and China.
For complex products or product assemblies to the practice to be evaluated, we offer the possibility to build low-cost test molds.

For the purpose of manufacturing and / or assembly automation make molds in collaboration with our technical department can manufacture the necessary parts to build devices and assembly units. Production of molds abroad can result in significant cost savings provided it is done the right way.

Because we are familiar with many toolmakers abroad, projects can be transferred to the tool maker who can meet the requirements and wishes of the customer. By partnering with mold specialists who are constantly present on location, project planning and ensuring the quality of the mold. They provide measurement reports and make weekly reports on progress.

To ensure the flexibility of door to door deliveries  our logistics department of plastic has a heavily protected and air conditioned room for molds storage.

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