The Ultimate injection mold makers checklist

Our injection mold design check list:

Using a check list before the real mold-design starts:

Before the real mold manufacturing and designing starts every mold designer checks the customers requirements and the 3D plastic design drawings.
To do this a checklist is needed. Here-under you can find our checklist to prevent mistakes.

Basic information about your part design:

  1. What is the maximum height , length and width of the plastic part?
  2. what is the material and weight of that specific material and thus part ( use rho=masse/volume)
  3. what is the shrinkage percentage of the material
  4. what is the maximum and minim wall-thickness(es), and ask yourself: are their any abrupt changes?
  5. Are there sharp edges and/or nice fillets and/or radii?
  6. what are the finishing requirements of core/cavity side(s)
  7. Is there any inmold labeling or insert available?
  8. is there any engraving detail?
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