Large parts injection molding

our company, triple-c specializes in aluminum and steel mold making and injection molding of large plastic products. Besides prototype molds for the automotive industry, we produce molds for the production of small series injection molding products for the non-automotive industry such as furniture , maritime and other markets, think of te toy industry and other fun industries

Through the use of plastic injection molding aluminum molds is also in small series, quickly profitable. In the series of ± 200 pieces to 5000 pieces can be injection molding of plastic material, in comparison to machined plastic or metal parts, result in a substantial cost reduction. We are able to be injection molded very large products of up to 1300 tons of clamping force.

Our company designs and manufactures aluminum dies and molds through a unique method or process. 
The injection molding of plastic products is  done in-house in our chinese facilities. This makes it possible to realize the zero-series in a very short period of time. Usual the lead time is Within 6 weeks of drawing to the first test injection is at our company. 

We seek a close cooperation with our customers, you will always be able to re-serve with a solution in plastic! If you want to see the possibilities for your business with us or have specific questions, please contact us. Tel 030 or visit Roger / jointquality

  • Stee P20injection molds
  • Dies 50 to 10,000
  • Products from 1 g to 7000 g
  • Sizes up to 1200mm x 2500mm 
  • Engineering
  • Product Development
  • toolin and design
  • Injection molding

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